A Little Mace in Dickson History:

The Mace in Dickson Band started back in 1990.
Just four dudes playing southern, classic, and blues rock tunes in a garage.

The original member’s were:

Mace, guitar & vocals

Guy DeAngelo, drums & vocals

Drew Micco, bass guitar

Dave Wilk, guitar.

When the band was formed it was without a name for a while, but finally the band settled on the name “Mace in Dickson” after Mace and Dickson City PA, where he was going to school. 

After a few years Dave Wilk left the band, and was replaced by Sam Gabriel, during this time the band continued to play, write, and recorded a unreleased CD of original songs. In 1994 bass player Drew Micco left the band, and was replaced by Finko. Later that year Sam Gabriel left, and for short time the band played with Giles Davis before he moved on to play with George Wesley and many others.

Around 1995, the band decided to continue on as a three piece, under the name Zilch, but would still occasionally play gigs with Wade Rose and Zero, under the Mace in Dickson name. During this time Mace began playing with the band Lost Weekend, while still playing in Mace in Dickson/Zilch.

In 1997 Guy DeAngelo ( a.k.a Wang ) left the band and began playing with Tin Pan Alley. It was at this time that Mace and Finko began playing gigs with drummer, Bill Baracaia and singer/guitar player Carl Breese, from Lost Weekend, and called it Ransom. The name Ransom just wouldn't stick as people still called the band Mace in Dickson so they returned to the name.

In the summer of 2002 Danny Williams was added on Hammond organ and piano. During this time Sarah Jane Williams, Dan's daughter began sitting in with the band singing harmony and playing flute and still does today. In 2008 Carl Breese left the band to play with his daughters band Cadbury Lane, and later left to play with the Old Friends band.

In the fall of 2012 drummer Bill Barciaia "ODB" had health problems so Kevin Conway stepped in for Bill while he was recovering. The band agreed that ODB is always gonna be part of Mace in Dickson.